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Zealous advocacy for New York

influential lIAISON.

With over 50 years combined experience in community empowerment, the Bulk Bully team brings their brand of zealous advocacy to performing strategic, licensing, corporate development, and marketing services on behalf of their clients.

Grow, strengthen, and build development opportunities.

Bulk Bully was founded to help SMEs and government agencies connect to grow, strengthen, and build development opportunities.

With a deep understanding of policy change and growing business opportunity in the financial, real estate and cannabis space, Bulk Bully provides the foundational business services necessary to scale and succeed in the greatest city and state in the world, and beyond.


Real Estate

We connect your project with bigger developers in and outside New York. We ease the pain of permits and approvals. Prosper in New York property.

City/State Licensing

We help you obtain the right licenses and contracts for your project, regardless of industry sector. Our City and State knowledge is unparalleled.

Financial Strategy

We help you to understand the right funding sources available and how to scale your projects in the challenging New York landscape.

Government Relations

We connect your project, your business, or your executives to the right State and local government agencies, offices and representatives.


We provide strategy and help you with opportunities and certifications through our deep understanding of New York cannabusiness.

Community Focus

We work with businesses of all sizes to develop sound business growth strategies with special focus on symbiotic community benefit.


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2600 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10039


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